Feb 1, 2012

The Basic Breadmaking course on Sunday was a smashing success. We made whole wheat sandwich bread, pitas, calzones, and olive mint wreath bread (see picture). At the end of the course, it was all about the eating! We had calzones and bread slathered with the yogurt cheese we had made in the cheesemaking class. Yum!

If you're interested in taking homesteading classes, including making bread, cheese, butter, preserves, pasta, and soap, check out the "Urban Homesteading Courses" link on this blog to find out when classes are and which ones still have spaces available. It's a blast. I promise!

The thing I love most about teaching these classes is that these are skills that are being lost. While my grandmother cooked from scratch almost every day, my mother did not. I believe that these will be critically important skills in the future, as people find more ways to live sustainably and understand what they are putting in their bodies. And there's simply something incredibly satisfying about pulling a hot fragrant loaf of bread out of the oven or turning milk into delicious cheese. They may be little things, but I know these little things will be remembered by my children for the rest of their lives and will be part of what they think about when pining for home. These little things make all the difference!