Jul 7, 2010

Guerrilla Gardening Tips: Make Your City a More Colorful Place

The concept of guerrilla gardening has been around since the '70s. Guerrilla gardening refers to the trend of gardeners and urban renewal enthusiasts illicitly planting flowers, herbs and trees on vacant, neglected, or abandoned land. The illicit part comes into play because the land in question is either privately owned land or public spaces, neither of which it is technically legal to plant on. However, guerrilla gardeners have brightened the most desolate urban spaces from The Bowery in New York to abandoned lots in Berlin to dreary roundabouts in London. There is evidence to suggest that the "greening" of these kinds of spaces stimulates a sense of community and provides a catalyst for even more clean up and renewal.

Here are some tips if you are planning a guerrilla gardening campaign of your own: